O Four Six

These aren't just numbers! Our drivers are the face and voice of O Four Six Racing. The top priority is to manage an atmosphere for them that facilitates flexibility, teamwork, and a lot of fun.

Through this, we create fantastic content, win races, lift trophies and achieve inspiring team victories. Everyone wears the team jersey with pride, dedication and loyalty.

We compete in a number of sim racing championships from across the globe as O Four Six Racing. These series take place on the iRacing, Assetto Corsa and rFactor2 sim platforms. We love the fact that we can race against some of our heroes!

O Four Six Racing is a Dutch based, international racing team. As with anything in life, it’s important to race in eSports for the right reasons. The love of competition, the satisfaction of growing as a driver, and the sense of contributing to a team and community are all valid reasons to sim race. In the long run, positive motivations are what keeps drivers engaged. Loving the tracks, simulation software- and hardware, and force feedback will make a world of difference during daily practice as you gradually acquire the skills to turn pro.

Our club members